The meeting of the advisory committee on June 9th, 2015 was what we expected. They spoke for a couple of hours without the benefit of a microphone system, and there was no video of this meeting this time. Audio is available. Strangely they appeared unprepared in regards to a microphone system, and the videographer saw no point in taping the proceedings since the sound was so poor. The highlights of the meeting are as follows: 1)Wire tap has been included in the growing list of legal reforms. Add that to RICO, money laundering and travel act. 2)It was noted that wildlife trafficking was the lowest of all prosecutions and this should be rectified and also include 'strong sentencing'. 3)Senators Feinstein and Graham are working together on formal restitution statues for this horrible crime. 4)They will be soliciting private companies, like shippers ( UPS, Fed Ex) to turn in those names of people who might be suspect. 5) They constantly reiterated how their recommendations were 'scientifically based' yet there was never any factual information to back this up! 6) They are changing some wording so you can generously donate your worthless ivory to museums. 7) Museums and zoos will be enlisted to 'educate' the public about wildlife trafficking. There were 13 people who spoke out against the ban, 7 who spoke in favor of it and 2 that I was unclear which side they favored. This latest CITES report came out with the official 2013 poaching statistics. 20,000 elephants down from the previous year. I have a lot of interesting articles, and information under my products heading of " Stop the Ivory Ban" . For the most up-to-date information, and how you can help, please go to Sorry I cannot ship any ivory items to Ca. NY or NJ.