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On Feb. 11, 2014 Pres. Obama put out an executive order making all ivory illegal to sell over state lines unless you can prove (via paperwork) that it is 100 or more years old. Pre ban (imported before 1990) doesn't qualify as legal anymore. In addition, in this same order he is trying to make pre ban ivories illegal to sell within state lines, unless you can prove (via paperwork) that it is pre ban. Problem is that there is no such paper work. And never was. Also it is state jurisdiction to govern what is legal commerce within its borders, and ignores 5 th amendment rights. Technically he cannot do that. So what do we do? It's up to everyone to start calling their congressmen and reps and anyone else who will listen. Explain that this order has far reaching economical effects. Antique dealers are now holding worthless antiques. As a collector you have invested in a legal commodity and now cannot sell it. Craftsmen and people like me are effectively put out of business, or at the very least suffer a great loss in inventory, and ability to pry a trade that is an American heritage. EVERYONE AGREES that the slaughter of the elephants is deplorable, but how does illegalizing 25+ year old ivory help the elephants? This is legal ivory brought into the country before 1990. And there isn't and never was any paperwork. We have to make enough noise that congress acts. For more information on this subject: